Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nyah's Blessing

Nyah had her baby blessing this past Sunday (for you non-Mormons out there, that's a blessing each baby receives at about 6 weeks, blessing the baby with a good life, health, happiness, etc.), so I had to go to church again...and I'm glad I left right after the blessing because according to Kwiddens, it was a really weird meeting after that.

Anyway, so after church was over everyone met up at Kwiddens's house for a luncheon, and I got some pictures. Nyah was being a little brat though and kept looking away and rolling over and I only got two good shots of her in her blessing gown, so here's one:

The dress was Nyah's grandma's (on Isaac's side), so it was really old and fragile, so once pictures were taken the dress went back into storage for safe keeping, and Nyah got to hang out in her onesie for the rest of the party. Mim was holding her and it was a perfect photo opportunity, but, once again, Nyah was being fussy and wouldn't look at the camera, and that was taking Mim's attention away from the camera, so this is all I got:

Even fussy, she's still cute.


magnolia said...

babies so have the right idea about occasion pictures like this; they seem to sense the annoying nature of being the center of attention at things like this and do everything they can to avoid the obligation.

or maybe that's just my attitude towards occasion pictures.

that dress is beautiful, incidentally.

Kim said...

She is fussy in that last picture! But still cute.

That gown is amazing. What a cool thing to have in the family.

Anna W said...

Yeah, I don't like having pictures taken of me at all, so I can't blame her...

It is an amazing gown! And so full of history!