Saturday, August 7, 2010

Chemistry Can Also Be Ridiculous

And, some more!

  • 10:15 am Saturday: My reaction tipped over :(! Nooooo...
  • I rotovaped (is that a word?)
  • I added bromine to phenol in DMSO. What a smelly mess. I am sick of all of it. Solid into NMR tube (maybe it worked)...nope.
  • Mixture #6 smells like dead cats
  • I QUIT the column. I have a better idea!
  • Solid unknown is water soluble! Yay! It's also basic to pH paper...ooh.
  • Smells nice.
  • Smells terrible.
  • WOW. This is harder than it looks, let me tell you.
  • One last conclusion: Vigreux columns are expensive. Don't break one.
  • Refraction=really cool
  • Title: Nasty Dynamics Lab
  • Eight a.m....yuck.
  • File names: "StrongBadIsAwesome", StrongSad", "AnnaSilly", "ErikTheWeird", "LifeIsSilly", "SweaterSong", TenOnEverything", "KirkTheJerk"
  • Starting some crap over again
So, anyway...this is probably why I am not a research chemist. I am incapable of being serious.

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magnolia said...

haha - love it. who needs to be serious anyway? overrated.