Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Rest in peace, my pretty pink socks. You lasted a long time, with frequent use and lots of love, and you will be missed.

Giant holes in the heels...a product of the washing machine...even the delicate cycle was too much, they were so worn out.


magnolia said...

aw, that sucks. i recently had to let go of the last usable piece of my baby blanket due to love and wear; the last shreds of it are now in a plastic bag in storage.

those are super-cute socks, though.

Anna W said...

OH SAD. Baby blankets are so special; I hope you keep the little bits that are left forever!

Kim said...

Rest in peace, socks. You will be missed.

Anna W said...

I find it hilarious that we are all mourning a pair of socks!