Monday, August 23, 2010

Text Time 8

This Text Time is brought to you by the English language, Kwiddens, and a little bit of chemistry.

Kwiddens: Crisises. Ugh.
Me: What crisis???
Kwiddens: Somebody said crisises instead of crises.
Me: Oh ok. I thought you were saying crisis in newb*. Lol
Kwiddens: Lol no thank goodness.


Kwiddens: "Give me an oxen." What???
Me: Explain...
Kwiddens: One is an ox. Many are oxen. This guy was saying he'd rather have an oxen than a burro.
Me: I know ox vs. oxen, I was just wondering who said it. Mim says you should either slap him or kick him then run away!
Kwiddens: He's a veteran...
Me: Ok, no kicking.
Kwiddens: A verbal slap?
Me: No. Thank him for defending our country, then stick a bar of soap in his mouth.

Comma splice.
Me: That is so gross.
Kwiddens: It was in an ad! In National Geographic!
Me: I would expect more from them.
Kwiddens: For real.

Kwiddens: What do you call a lumpy bumpy church?
Kwiddens: The Cystine chapel.

*Definition of "newb" to follow


Kim said...

I hate grammatical errors. They drive me nuts.

magnolia said...

tons upon tons of bad grammar. aaagh. at least there's not an "its/it's" screwup...