Thursday, June 10, 2010

Text Time 6

Today's Text Time is brought to you by Jaxon, who is Kwiddens's nephew. He isn't very smart and his parents don't really parent him, so interesting situations arise...

Kwiddens: Jaxon is having Count Chocula and pistachios for dinner.

Kwiddens: I seriously can't understand a word Jaxon says.
Me: That's because he's made of goo.
Kwiddens: He's like "Pennin nee dot".
Me: Is he talking about penguins?

Kwiddens: Jaxon is wearing underwear and a heating pad.
Me: Um yeah that is super awesome. And sad...
Kwiddens: I can't believe his mom and grandma think he is normal...
Me: Well it's not like they are normal!

Kwiddens: Jaxon is still in his pajamas and Rachel's like "No he's wearing that as clothes today!!"

Kwiddens: I'm sick of hearing Jaxon fake cry and having Isaac's mom coddle him. Every time he fake cries, if Isaac tells him to stop, she makes an excuse for him.
Me: Pathetic.
Kwiddens: I'm seriously going to live in a box behind Wal-Mart.
Kwiddens: I got chewed out for saying "Jaxon, that's a fake cry."
Me: You need to get out of there.
Kwiddens: I know. I'm going to go insane. I took lortab and benadryl and only slept for 3 hours. I was so disappointed.

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