Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nothing Special Today

1. Today is a Diet Mountain Dew sort of day. So was yesterday. I had to fight to convince myself that I didn't need to call in so I could sleep all day.

2. I've been exercising every day. It's infinitely easier when the basement is clean (Thank you, Scott) and I have Gilmore Girls playing on the TV in front of me. I won't say anything else or I might jinx it.

3. I'm almost done with Mim's blanket. It's just a small blanket, like a throw, and I want to keep making more of it so I gave the pattern to Mim so she could expand it for me. Appparently there are mathematical patterns in it, and those sorts of things make her very happy.

4. Remember a while ago when I snapped at my boss? I think he's still acting a little cold towards me. I might be imagining it, though.

5. I bought bananas, intending to eat one every day, but I didn't, so they're getting quite squishy, so I see some banana bread in the future.

6. I've been doing very well with my food goals. I did have my first french fry craving in like six months the other day, and it was weird, and it went away quickly so I'm not concerned.

7. Kwiddens's due date was yesterday and she still hasn't popped. She doesn't want this pregnancy to go any longer. Neither do I!

8. When someone hurts someone in my family I get all protective and it takes every ounce of restraint I have not to call whoever hurt my family and tell them exactly what I think of them. Even if it's another member of my family.

9. After I exercised this afternoon I got in the shower, and when I was getting out I slipped, broke the towel rack, got rug burn on my chin and bent my neck at a horrible angle. My head and neck and chin still hurt and I feel a little dizzy...but that might be because I didn't eat for several hours.

10. I've been very busy this week at work and I LOVE it!


magnolia said...

i'm so with you on the sleep thing. it was my best friend's 30th this week, so i've been balancing bar review stuff with birthday stuff. between a concert sunday night, the longest drive EVER to see conan in philly monday, and the best baseball game i've seen in person last night, AND studying and going to bar review classes, i am ready to drop. i may not leave the house all weekend. thank the gods i pass a starbucks on the way to class every morning...

Anna W said...

That sad thing is, I have no excuse for not being able to sleep. I haven't been particularly busy lately, and you would think that exercising would make me more tired every night, but it's not. Last night I ended up taking a Klonopin just to fall asleep. It worked, because I feel awake and perky today!

Kim said...

Ouch! Your fall sounds like something I'd totally do. Or have done...

Anna W said...

YAY! We can be klutzy together! I don't even know if I spelled that right!