Wednesday, June 23, 2010

10 Reasons

Here are ten reasons I love Scott:

1. He squishes spiders for me when they attack me in the shower.

2. He lets me buy yarn whenever I want.

3. He's dieting with me. Go Team!

4. He can tell what mood I'm in before even I know what mood I'm in and he knows how to make the bad moods go away (or at least get a little happier).

5. He squishes spiders for me when they attack me from behind the couch.

6. He doesn't let me carry heavy things.

7. He does the dishes when I leave for the weekend.

8. He likes spending time with me, even if we're just grocery shopping.

9. He picks the peas (that he's allergic to) out of casseroles so we can get the ones I want to eat.

10. He squishes spiders for me when they attack me in our bedroom.

This, of course, is not a comprehensive list. I just like things in multiples of ten.

The spider in the shower this morning was one of those giant, really fat, hairy, black ones.


magnolia said...

i think the squishing spiders thing is definitely worth three entries. on the "con" side of independence is, without a doubt, being forced to kill bugs with no assistance. i had a palmetto bug (which i think translates to "big giant cockroach" outside the south) in the house the other night, and it was up to me alone to make it dead. sigh.

Kim said...

Oh, I wish The Mister would do dishes on the weekend. A girl can dream, no?

Anna W said...

Cockroaches=gross, and you could always ask him. Or withhold certain...favors...until he does!