Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh, 'Stang, How I Love Thee!

Remember this old thing?

Well, Mr. Amazing Scott has been working hard for months now, just in his spare time, doing body work and then priming and priming and priming, and then spent several weekends in a row working on the paint, and then polishing all the chrome and getting new parts for the markers, and putting it all together and here is the nearly finished front end:

And its incredibly sexy rear end:

Next up is the interior! But can you believe it turned out so amazing? And he painted himself! He turned our garage into a painting booth and it was so very very cool!


Kim said...

It looks amazing!!!!!!!!!! I wish you lived nearby so I could see it in person!

Anna W said...

Me too!

magnolia said...

pretty. :) that looks like a total labor of love, too.