Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mim's Room

This past Memorial Day weekend, aside from dying Em's hair Mim and I spent hours and hours and hours talking and talking and talking and brainstorming and plotting and planning and we decided to paint Mim's room.

This seems to happen a lot. We will be talking about something totally random and all of a sudden we decide to paint a room in Mim's house! This time we needed to do Mim's room, because we're trying to create a sanctuary for her in there where she can go sit down and lock the door and think happy thoughts involving the happy colors her walls will be.

So every time this happens, Mim has already chosen a color to match the "mood" she is trying to create. It's always a very specific mood, or a's hard to describe. Anyway, she has already attempted to pick colors, and sometimes she has already bought a little sample color and painted swatches on the walls, and sometimes she has already painted the entire room and it has turned out terribly in either case, so I have to step in.

So next we head down to the hardware store down in Payson, where we start browsing for colors. We pretty much start from scratch because I am WAY better at this than she is. So we spend about an hour looking at colors and I make lots and lots and lots of suggestions with different combinations and make sure every suggestion coordinates with the pillowcases we brought with us to make sure everything in the room matches.

Finally, after bickering and lots of "Well, um, hmmm, I'm not sure...maybe?" I suddenly hit on The Perfect Combination Of Colors, and the heavens open and you can hear angels singing really awesome rock songs.

So this time we picked this very serene pale blue (with just the teeniest bit of green mixed in) and a slightly darker version of the same color, but with just a teensy bit more green than the light color, and the dark color is going on one wall and the alcove above her bathroom and the light color is going everywhere else.

I tried to take a picture, but the best part of this whole process is that we don't decide to do this until the hardware store is about to close, and by the time we get home it's dark, and we stay up very very late painting, until we are all giggly and we finally collapse into bed and pass out.

So, here are some pictures, some taken in the dark, so you can't actually tell what colors they are so I'm really not sure why I bothered but I love putting pictures here, so there.

Now, Mim has a really nice room with all sorts of architecturally interesting bits, and one of these is this cool alcove above her bathroom. This was definitely the fun part to paint, especially because by the time we got there we were already in the giggly tired phase.

So the only way we could paint it was to climb up there!

At one point she needed to turn around so she could paint the other end of the alcove, and the alcove is only about 2.5 feet wide, so turning around involved some giggle-inducing acrobatics:

We only ended up getting only one coat of just the darker color done before we were so tired we decided to finish later. Which we didn't. So it still isn't finished, and probably won't be until I get the chance to drive down there for another weekend.

The awesome part is, we needed painting snacks, and since we're trying to be healthy we made our own salad. It has romaine, raspberries and blackberries and strawberries, and pineapple (which didn't end up fitting in with the rest of the fruits) and grapes and black olives and poppy seed dressing and OH BOY was it good, so of course I took a picture.

Just try to tell me that doesn't look like a bowl full of heaven.


magnolia said...

i think i have a crush on that salad.

Anna W said...

Oh, it was so crush-worthy!