Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lava Hot Springs

So the past few days have been one of my rare manic phases (which I'm coming down from pretty sharply at the moment) (I'm thinking of taking Klonopin and going to bed for the next week) and so yesterday after work I called Mim and told her I wanted to do something crazy. Usually I would do a road trip, but seeing as Kwiddens is going to pop any day now we didn't want to be too far away for when that happens. But Lava Hot Springs is only a two hour drive from my house, so I asked her to go nuts with me and have a spontaneous trip and she said yes!

She drove up from her house and got here around 7:15. We immediately left and since neither of us had eaten, we drove thru at Del Taco and got a Fiesta Pack (6 burritos and 6 tacos!) and we were on our way. Here's me, in my car, in the drive thru:

I think I need to wear my hair down more often; I look like a boy.

We drove, and while we drove we talked and talked and talked and when we talk we talk about everything. Last night topics included the Crusades, word origins, math, philosophy, God, the stupid whore who stole away my father and broke up my family, hauntings, boys, and being crazy together.

When we got there around 9:00 (we made really good time, and I wasn't even speeding!) we found a parking spot RIGHT THERE, which was FATE, and we changed and went to the hot end of the springs and just sat and soaked and talked and talked and talked some more, and here are our toes in the water:

Look how skinny my ankles got! I have to say, I wore one of my really cute two piece swimsuits and I looked good for the first time since college.

The springs were open until 11:00, so at 10:40 we went to the locker rooms to beat the rush and changed back and headed back. We got gas and caffeine, and then we had promised ourselves pie so we found a diner and we were getting tired, which meant we were getting giggly, and it was just so fun!

We ordered a quesadilla (which wasn't that good, but had excellent guacamole), and I had chocolate cream pie and Mim had banana cream pie and it was heavenly:

After that we headed home, and we pulled into my driveway at 2:00 am (and poor Mim had to drive another 2 hours to get home) and I went straight to sleep and didn't wake up until noon today.


Kim said...

Sounds like it was just what you needed.

And that pie looks delicious.

Anna W said...

It was, and, OH BOY IT WAS!