Monday, June 7, 2010

Deck Party, Part 5

So, I'm sorry for the long silence about our giant deck project. We were on a roll, and then it rained for like two weeks straight! After that we just felt a little...procrastinatey.

But finally I convinced Scott that I really wanted a deck and he decided to work on it some more. All that was left were the railings and the fascia. Scott spent quite a lot of time on the railings, and they turned out very well!

Here's Scott working on one of the posts:

Putting the balusters into the railings:

After it was all done (on the main part of the deck; the stairs will take a full weekend themselves) he let me (very ceremonially) put on the last post cap:

Ignore my muffin top and look at the new me: ONLY 150 POUNDS.

So the main part of the deck is finished! It looks so nice, and it's nice and spacious and I am really excited to get a little bistro set and sit outside, sipping something sweet and cold and doing something fun with yarn!

Doesn't it look relaxing?


The Miguel Family said...

Very nice and relaxing!

Kim said...

It looks VERY relaxing!

magnolia said...

fabulous work! i would kill for a deck to work on today. being a subletter in an urban apartment, though, they'd probably frown on me building one on the back. :)

Anna W said...

Yeah, probably!