Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today In Pictures

So the paint for the Mustang came in:I seriously didn't think it was this many things to mix and about ten different coats...I'm glad Scott is doing it instead of me.

I was looking into my ICP-MS and noticing how pretty plasma is:
Yeah that's about 10,000 degrees Celsius in there. Awesome.

Buster got a haircut:
I loved the long hair, but it was getting to where we had to brush him every day to keep it from getting terribly matted. We got rid of the curtains that were over the windows in our living room, so it's much easier for him to watch outside, so there he is, perched in his usual spot.

I ordered yarn for a blanket for Mim:
It came today and all the colors are just right together, and I absolutely cannot wait to get started on it.

We went to Home Depot today. If we made the first purchase on Scott's new Home Depot Card today, we got 10% off, so we went and ordered some stuff for the back door and the deck and got some tools:
Apparently spending $2,000 makes Scott very upset. He's going to pout for days...

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Kim said...

Buster looks cute as always in his new haircut. And that yarn looks fun.