Sunday, April 11, 2010

Text Time 3

Me: I love when Scott takes a Benadryl so he can eat seafood
Mim: That's true love!

Kwiddens: Isaac and I are in a gun shop and there's this old guy walking around farting and it's hilarious
Me: And gross...?
Kwiddens: Yeah the smell was atrocious

Mim: It would be so cool to have a date on a Friday night...
Me: Make a date with an apple and a glass of water!
Mim: You're my hero!
Me: It'll be so romantic. You could light candles and listen to Sinatra.

Me: Haha, when my phone vibrates in my pocket all the fat on my leg jiggles!
Kwiddens: Sad
Me: It's ok. I am on the diet again so the fats will disappear.

Mim: I like dead people so much more than living...
Me: I know what you mean

Oh, my family is awesome.


Kim said...

I definitely agree with that last one there. :)

Anna W said...

Yeah, it's even better when you know that Mim is studying anthropology.