Thursday, April 1, 2010

Text Time 2

And some more...because life will never stop being funny.

Back story: Buster won't eat if we're not home. It's weird. Before we left for work I gave Buster a bone and Scott said "He won't eat it..." and I bet him five bucks he would. Later that day:

Me: I owe you five bucks. He didn't eat the bone.

Mim: Em says it's hard to get good octopus in Utah!
Me: Well duh.
Mim: So the answer is probably no.

Me: To taco or not to taco. That is the question.
Kwiddens: Taco.

Scott: What happens when you kick a person into the next county? Do they have to live there after that?
Me: Actually I think YOU go to jail...

Me: Coworker is eating most delicious looking burger and fries...the universe must hate me!


In other news, I'm cold and I think it should stop snowing and be spring again.

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magnolia said...

taco. always taco. :)