Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Month Of Blankets

Well, I've got the itch to make it again, for me, in 17 shades of pink. In fact, I've already ordered the yarn for it. I'm very excited about it!

I don't feel like I can start another project that's so big without finishing up some projects first, so I've been on a major finishing spree this past month, and I'm not finished yet. So here are all the baby blankets I've been making:

This is actually one I made quite a long time ago, with no particular baby in mind, just so I could have an extra on hand for when someone has a baby and I'm too busy to make another one:

This one was the same story, but in pink:

So, now I have a spare for a boy and one for a girl.

This next one is for the baby our friend Ben just had (well, technically his wife):

And here's yet another spare, in pink:

This last one has a story behind it.

A few years ago my dear friend Andrea had her first baby, and I made her a blanket for him and sent it to her. He loved it and dragged it around everywhere he went. I was incredibly touched and proud that someone loved something I had made so much!

Well, a few weeks ago, The Blankie was lost! They retraced their steps and tried to find it, but had no luck. She posted on Facebook about it, and I had an idea.

I decided to try and replicate the blanket and surprise her with it! I remembered what kind of yarn I used and thought I had remembered the pattern, which I had made up, but I remembered it totally wrong and looked through old pictures and found a picture I had taken when I made the first one!

So I made it:

And I think it turned out about exactly like the old one:

Anyway, I shipped it off and when she got it she called me and it was just so much fun to make it and surprise her! I know that even though it's the same yarn and the same pattern and I even used the same crochet hook, it's still not the original, but she can pretend, right? And in the meantime, I hope her son can't tell the difference!

Now, before I can start a Babette for myself, I need to finish some socks I started for Kwiddens and a sweater I had started for either me or Mim (I can't decide!).