Thursday, July 7, 2011

If People Would Just Stop Talking To Me I Think I'd Be Fine...

Oh, for crying out loud!

I've had a rough couple of weeks, emotionally. There hasn't been some tragedy, and I haven't missed any meds, but I am so freaking annoyed at everyone and everything (slight exaggeration) and I think it's going to cause my early death, or at least a break from sanity.

The pollen is ridiculous, and it's not helping me sleep any better, so I walk around a little fuzzy unless I amp up on caffeine, but if I've had any after about 4:00 p.m. I can't sleep, so if I'm awake-ish in the morning I'm half asleep by the afternoon.

I just tried to light the plasma on the ICP-MS, and it wouldn't go. I called tech support, and they're going to call me back to schedule a service visit. If The Universe doesn't hate me, someone will be able to come over soon. If not, chaos will ensue.

I really want a quesadilla.

And hang time with The Kwiddens.

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Kim said...

I was feeling the same way last night. Tipping a chair over helps. Just make sure it's not a breakable one that you like.