Thursday, July 21, 2011

Text Time 14

Me: The thing about going to the gym is, it makes me hungry, so I feel like if I eat it's defeating the purpose of going in the first place.
Mim: Not if you eat high fiber or lean protein. Nutrient rich foods. No empty calories.
Me: But I want cake, dammit!
Mim: Have a broccoli cake. With skinless chicken breast frosting!

Kwiddens: I need to start taking some kind of drug that makes me just take everything in stride
Me: Like pot?
Kwiddens: Valium :)

Kwiddens: Right now I could go for hot cocoa and popcorn and blankets and a movie
Me: I have all that, except switch yarn for popcorn!

Kwiddens: I wanted to get pie but Isaac wasn't supportive.
Me: You should have married someone more supportive!
Kwiddens: Or I should just stop wanting pie

Scott: Dr. Cox is right
Me: About?
Scott: If you can't decide what you want in the 10 minutes it takes to get to the front of the line I should be allowed to kill you

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