Friday, July 8, 2011

The Yarn Did The Trick!

So when I left you yesterday I was in The World's Worst Mood. Murderous.


Last night I met up with a new knitting friend at the coffee shop behind my house. I think the combination of yarn, a most delicious iced latte, and some good conversation with someone with whom I seem to have a lot in common (and who made me laugh quite a bit) did some sort of voodoo magic on me, and I woke up this morning NOT ANNOYED.

Then, today, the guy came to fix the ICP-MS! Granted, he said it would take him the entire day to fix it, but it'll be ready on Monday morning when I come in, and all my stuff's already prepped and ready to go, so I'll just throw it on and have a longer day on Monday, which is fine because I went home BEFORE NOON today. Then I took the most heavenly nap ever, and now I'm eating a frozen coffee milkshake from the milkshake robot at Maverik.

Life. Is. Good.

And that, my friends, is what life with Bipolar Disorder is like. You go from STRANGULATION to Mmmm, Delicious Coffee! in a matter of hours.

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Kim said...

A frozen coffee milkshake sounds amazing. I want one delivered to me immediately.