Saturday, March 5, 2011

At Long Last

At long last, the blanket for Mim is finished! I gave it to her this afternoon:

She wore it wrapped around her while she drove home. Success!

This blanket took me roughly a year to complete (but I made other things also, so I wasn't working on this exclusively), and took about 50 balls of 17 different colors of yarn. It's all wool, and all machine washable, and there's Buster hair in it (I tried so hard to keep it out) (Mim doesn't mind because she said Buster was "helping").

And now I get to move on. I'm going to switch back to the gorgeous knee socks.

Yarn is my drug.


magnolia said...

gorgeous! and there are far worse drugs to have than yarn. :)

Kim said...

How amazingly gorgeous! Those colors are fantastic.