Thursday, October 1, 2009

Birthday Bash

So this past Friday Jorg tuned 14. I can't believe it, it seems like he was just born yesterday. It makes me sound old to say that.

Anyway, so Scott and I went down there to celebrate on Saturday.

On Friday, we had had flu shots (my work gave them to us for free, yay) and so we were both feeling a little crappy.

So we went down there and went to Brick Oven for lunch. Every time I have ever been there, it has been so delicious and the service was great.

Not this time.

SO let's begin with our server. He was very quiet, so we had to strain to hear him. He was terse and socially awkward. He was unprofessional. And he took a long long time to get anything done. When he brought the check at the end of the meal, he called Mim "young lady" (this guy can't have been older than 21 or 22) which was very rude and patronizing and Mim was really bothered by this.

The food: Scott's soup smelled like B.O. Not even kidding. My salad was all wilty and drowned in salad dressing, and the chicken on it was overcooked to where it was mushy. Ugh. The only good thing was the garlic bread, and the apple beer I had (LOVE apple beer, but it's so hard to find).

But, we had a fun conversation and some good laughs.

Then we wanted to do something else, so Scott suggested going to the mall. Jorg was down with the idea, so we all went over there and split up (I know, this was "family time", but we all like to look at different things) and after about ten minutes Jorg called Mim's phone and said he wanted to go.

Jorg does this all the time. He will be ok with something, then get moody and want to stop after just a few minutes. He did it once when I came down specifically to hang out with him, and he was being so annoying that I ditched him and hung out with Mim instead.

While we were at the restaurant he was pouty and when the server asked him if he wanted a birthday treat he just scowled at him, and so when we were at the mall and Jorg wanted to go, and suggested a movie, I pulled Mim aside and told her I didn't want to because ten minutes into the movie Jorg would just start to pout again and say he didn't want to be there. I didn't drive all that way just to have a birthday party for someone who clearly didn't even want to be there in the first place. So, I said goodbye and Scott and Kwiddens and I just left.

I really hope he gets over this moody thing soon. I want to spend time with him, I really do, but how can I when he never wants to do anything?

Moving on.

Scott had to go out of town this week on business. It's only two nights alone, but I feel so strange sleeping alone. I was so lonely yesterday so I went to the craft store even though I had promised myself I wouldn't buy crafty things until after the mortgage. I only spent $25 but it was the principle of the thing.

I bought a bead organizer for when I am working on my perpetual Christmas tree project, two skeins of sock yarn in really happy colors, and fabric to make myself knitting bags.

So I spent lots of time yesterday and today working on making a knitting bag, and it looks terrible but I am so impressed with myself (I don't really know how to sew, I just make it up as I go...). I love the fabric I got, and I'm having fun figuring out how to put together a lining and making pockets and straps and I will post pictures when I'm finished and when Scott is back with the camera.

I felt so stupid. I set up my sewing machine (it was a surprise from my Scott) and got everything cut out and ironed on the interfacing and was ready to start sewing and I got one seam done before my machine made a weird grinding noise and stopped and gave me error messages. I was so mad at the machine and I went to bed grumpy about it and then I got the bright idea to read the manual, and it turns out I was using the wrong kind of bobbin so it was all my fault in the first place. Silly me.

Sometimes I wonder how in the world I got a degree when I do stupid, ditsy things all the time.

On another, completely unrelated note, yesterday I came out to my car after work to this:
I also had to scrape snow off my car, and this morning it was ice. Winter has come, all in one day. And I forgot to turn on the furnace last night so this morning when I woke up it was around 50 degrees in my house...I took a super hot shower!

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