Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shower and Socks!

So we are so close to closing on the house! I'm really excited, and also very sad that I will see our bank account a LOT smaller than it is right now.

Oh well.

For my first act as homeowner, I decided to take out that stupid, ugly shower door and put in a rod instead. I hate the thing. It has so many crevices that it takes way longer to clean it, and stuff gets stuck in the cracks and you have to use a toothbrush to get it all the way clean, and I am WAY too lazy for that, so it HAD to go.

Now, technically we don't own the home for another week or two, but I couldn't wait and the house is as good as ours so Friday we decided to get it done. Here it is before:

Stupid ugly thing.

So Scott is amazing and super handy, so he did most of the work. Here he is unscrewing the frame:
It only took about an hour and a half, and when everything else was done he let me put caulk in the holes so I can honestly say I helped (a little).

It makes the bathroom look so much bigger! And cleaner!

And here is the shower curtain, rod, and hangers we found:
They match the brown color on the walls very nicely. The only downside is that bathing Buster is much harder now because before the doors kept him from jumping out. Scott and I had to make it a joint effort, with one of us holding him in while the other scrubbed.

I have been on a roll finishing projects that I have been working on. I finished Em's arm warmers, then I started to finish Allene's pink socks, and I finished those yesterday morning. I washed them and then let them dry/block, which took FOREVER because the air here got cold and wet suddenly so they were finally dry this morning. Here they are on my feet:

They are just a tiny bit too small for me, which means they fit Allene perfectly since her feet are about a size smaller than mine. But they turned out soft and pink and cute and very comfortable so I call this a win.

Now I am back to working on my blue sweater. It's slow going, but I'm having a blast working on it. It's going to be so beautiful!

Last week Kwiddens and I decided that we were going to hang out on Saturday night and watch Zombie movies, but there was a little issue with my driver license and I can't drive until I get that straightened out (more on this another day) so she came up here instead and stayed the night. We watched Firefly and ate snacks and had a lot of fun talking and goofing off and I am so glad we are friends again. Breaking up with your family sucks. For a while there I thought we would never be able to move on and talk to each other again but I guess time plays a big role in healing.

Life is awesome like that.

I'm off to knit more!

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Anonymous said...

We have that same shower door and I've been asking The Mister to take it down for a year now. I hate it.