Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Icy Hot Rocks!

So my goal was to finish the sweater before I have surgery next Tuesday.

I counted up how many rows I have left yesterday, and I decided that if I knit ten rows per day (and fifteen on weekend days) I would make it in time.

So yesterday, I sat down to knit my ten rows. I knit one row, and then took a rest. I knit another row, the same thing. I got nine rows done and then my hand just went eeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh no. I was determined, however, so I very very slowly slogged through the last row and then collapsed in pain. But I finished my ten rows!

I had to put an icy hot heat pad on my wrist underneath my wrist brace for the rest of yesterday and overnight. Then, today, I had to wear the brace as much as I could.

I got home and had a horrible, sudden mood swing and had to go hide in my room so I wouldn't do or say anything stupid, and took a cat nap. Then I came downstairs, feeling a bit better, and started knitting (because I'm really dumb, apparently). It hurt. Oh yes it hurt. But I wanted to finish my ten rows.

How many did I get?


This goal is not going to work out.

The funny thing is, I keep thinking of ideas for new things I would like to make, and I can't make anything.

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