Monday, March 30, 2009

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I suck at this blog thing. I forget. And, my life is quite mundane.

Anyway. Moving on.

I finished my sweater except for the dreaded weaving in ends. Lots and lots and lots of ends. Sucko. It turned out beautifully except where I made modifications to the pattern...I feel really dumb. I tried to allow for the fact that I have a small waist and a large chest, and so added a little extra room in the bust area, and all I got was a little baggage under the arms. I suppose I have a thing or two to learn about garment shaping. Give me any stitch in the world and I can make it so pretty but I am learning this making clothes thing slowly.

I am now working on socks. I need to practice, so I am making myself a pair from some of my cheap sock yarn from my stash. They are light and dark pink stripes. They're actually kind of cute, considering I'm just learning how to make them. Once I get the hang of it I have bought some size 0 dpn's and some red Peruvian wool sock yarn and I found the perfect pattern and I am going to make fancy red socks for Mim. She likes red socks for some reason. I don't blame her. And these will be fancy, provided I don't royally screw them up.

I was going to do a yarn store tour last weekend with Mim but she ended up having to work so I only went to one store in Ogden all by my lonesome. Up until now I have only bought yarn at craft stores (Michael's, Hobby Lobby, etc.) and online, so I have either been using some of the softer acrylics (acrylic isn't as bad as some people make it out to be. It's good for afghans and baby blankets and scarves and such) or crochet cotton or sometimes a bit of some natural fiber (usually blended with acrylic). This is because I am cheap. I have enough money that I could spend as much as I wanted on nice yarn, but I just can't justify it. When I walked into this store and saw shelves and shelves of all kinds of yarns I was just so excited...until I started looking at prices. All the yummy yarns I would love to work with were so expensive...there was sparkly cashmere sock yarn for $38 a skein...and I began to think that I could never afford to make myself a sweater out of something nice. I walked around the store and touched everything twice and ended up buying the cheapest set of dpn's and two skeins of the cheapest fingering weight soft pink yarn I could find and I was in a bad mood for the rest of the day because apparently I chose an expensive hobby without knowing it.

I know of people that knit or crochet like crazy and churn out projects like there's no tomorrow, and I just don't know how they can afford to make everything they do out of the stuff they use. Is everyone in the world richer than I am, or are other people just not as stingy as I am? Maybe I'm just so tightfisted because we're trying to save up for the down payment on the house, and every dollar I spend makes me feel kinda guilty, like it's my fault we're not farther ahead than we are.

Oh well.

We're getting fiber optic cable/internet/phone installed in the house. We aren't going to use it, in all likelihood, but it was an amazing deal to get it installed and it will raise the value of the house by around $4000-$7000, so it's a good investment.

I want to wait until October to buy the house, like we originally planned, because by then we will have saved much more, but at the same time I would like to buy it sooner because I want to be able to install central air for the summer. Hot = suck.

So I am able to eat completely normally at this point, which feels weird after all this protein. Two weeks and Scott and I will start another course and we'll be healthy and HOT. All the boys will want me. Or something.

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