Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shopping Just...Sucks: Scott To The Rescue

Where was I?

Oh yeah, sobbing hysterically in my bed.

I cried for a while. I don't even know for how long. But I had stopped by the time Scott got home from work. He came upstairs and said, "Whatcha doin'?"


"From me?"

"No, from the world..."

"Did you go shopping?"

"Yeah...I bought a bra...and then I lost it in the middle of the mall."

And then everything came pouring out, and Scott, being the superhero that he is, told me to take half a Klonopin and then he would drive me around to other stores and be there for moral support while I tried again. I took my magic "calm the heck down, dude" pill, and waited a little while for it to kick in, and then off we went.

We looked through one luck. But I felt better, because I was half-stoned, and because I had my very best friend there, who loves me very much no matter what I'm wearing, just following me around with the cart. In the next store, I found a shirt (green polo with pockets, so not really "fashionista" but still not a tee shirt)! It fit! It looked good! It was even on sale! We went to Famous Footwear next, and I found the perfect pair of shoes, also on sale! We went to Ross next and I found TWO shirts(one black tank with asymmetric shirred details all over, and a striped tank with an attached black sweater)! We went to Kohl's next and I found another shirt (spring green, fitted, collared)! We went to Walmart and got underpants and socks and another pair of jeans (that actually fit) and I was done for the night.

  • Scott is not only a superhero, but my good luck charm.
  • Malls suck. Outlet stores are awesome.
  • Maybe I should start wearing makeup, too...
Now, the question is: am I brave enough to try again?


magnolia said...

nothing like a happy ending. rock on, scott. :)

Kristen said...

Today you shopped at The Kwiddens. And had some success :)

Char said...

Hooray for heros! And yes, you should start wearing makeup again - for you and no one else. You will feel great - I promise!!

Sawyer said...

You are so lucky to Scott to go shopping with! What a great guy..."honey, go take a klonapin and let's go shopping!" Love it!

I do feel the need to comment about the people that told you to buy jeans from Maurice's... WTF?! If you have ANY curves whatsoever, you cannot find a pair that fits perfectly! The only store that I've found that sells jeans that feel AMAZING is Old Navy... they have their jeans named different things...flirt, diva, etc... their Dreamer cut is the best jean EVER! It's pretty much their 'curvy girl' jean! Smaller waist = no back gap, higher in the back so your arse doesn't hang out the back, and room if you have hips :O) And at their most expensive they're $30, if you can get them at an outlet, they're ~$20. (where Maurice's start at $30 if I remember right)
Now, I'm not saying Maurice's is a bad store, I personally love going in there and buying cute things, HOWEVER, for someone that is bigger than a size 4, it can take a while to find something that looks good on the shaplier body! I've walked in tried on a million things & walked back out to only feel like a disgusting pig as well. But, later on I always see someone bigger than me letting it all hang out, and they're okay with it, which in some sort of twisted way, makes me feel better about myself! Thus, giving me some sort of inflated confidence? So, in conclusion, and the reason for me posting this, was to really just tell you about the jeans and to let you know and give you encouragement that you have to try on many, many things at maurice's to find something you love :O) the 1 shirt that I have.... uhm... 3 of that's from there is dressy that I LOVE and hides tummy problem areas as well as ample room for the chest they have it listed on their website as "Cap Sleeve Ruffle Front Top" or they have it also listed as "Cap Sleeve Pullover Top with Ruffle Details". For me this is most like wearing a t-shirt, but it's got those damn ruffles that people associate with femininity, so...