Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can I Go Back To Sleep Yet?

Earlier this year (maybe January or February sometime) I had a little cold. It wasn't terrible; I still went to work. I was just extra tired and more than a little snotty (TMI, too bad). The cold went away soon enough but the snot lingered. Lovely.

This happens every year. I get some sort of mild bug, and then when the rest of me is just fine again my sinuses hold on to the bug like it's going out of style. I deal with it for a couple of weeks months and then finally suck it up and go to the doctor. I take a course of antibiotics and VOILA, I'm good to go (until next year...).

The problem is that this time I'm not sure if that's what it is. With the bizarre spring-winter-spring-winter-spring-winter-spring-HAHA FOOLED YOU-winter that the weather has been doing, I'm wondering if it might just be allergies. I'm allergic to everything. I take Claritin every day, year-round, and it takes care of most of my symptoms, but in the spring it gets a little worse with the pollen. I can deal with that. But this is a little more extreme...and the weather's been a little ridiculous...so is it allergies or a sinus infection?

I'm taking Mucinex around the clock. I'm having a hard time sleeping at night, and so my days are all a little hazy (unless I amp up on massive amounts of caffeine). Mostly, I'm tired of the headaches.

I KNOW it's my sinuses; I just don't know why. If I go see a doctor and it is an infection, I get pills and go on my merry way, but if it's allergies, there's nothing they can even do and I've gone and wasted a co-pay. Lame.


magnolia said...

i'm in the exact same boat. when flu-pocalypse 2011 ended the other week, i was left with a sniffle-and-cough situation that's still with me. last night, i determined that my sinuses are being affected. i laid on my right side and the right side of my head got all clogged; i rolled over, and slowly i could feel the left side of my head clogging.

ick, ick, ick. not fun at all.

Anna W said...

Oh, I HATE the rolling back and forth thing. My problem is I sleep mostly on my stomach, so it would all come forward and then I was all stuffy up front and it just felt like it would never end. LAME.