Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Eclectic!

On weekends, I generally feel incoherent, so this is what you get.

  • This past week was awful at work because my ICP-MS was acting like it had suddenly grown a massive tumor on its motherboard (if it even has a motherboard) (maybe it was on the octopoles, I know it has those). Nothing that it was doing made ANY sense whatsoever. Usually when something's wrong it talks to me, and depending on what it tells me I can diagnose it and fix it and we're on our merry way again, but this time NO, it made no sense at all. I spent an entire two days trying to figure out what what going on, and by the end of the second day I was in tears (it doesn't help that I broke a nebulizer, which is expensive). I left work and when I got back in in the morning, my boss had magically fixed it. STUPID CONES, you didn't even tell me you were sick, so how was I supposed to know that you needed a bath?!
  • Maverik has a new magic milkshake robot. No joke. You stick in a prepackaged shake mixy thing, whatever flavor you want, and the robot makes it into a milkshake, and you can even choose how thick you want your shake! Scott didn't like his, but I liked mine just fine. BUT, $3 is a bit steep for a milkshake of that quality, even if it is mixed by a brand new super cool milkshake robot.
  • Petsmart had adoptions today, and we've been thinking for a while about getting Buster a friend. We saw one dog we really liked, and when we took her out of her crate she immediately fell in love with us, and according to her profile she was already housebroken, and very docile, and very smart, and she even looked like Buster a little bit (fluffy face, etc.). So, we went home and got Buster to see if he would get along with her. I think after a little while Buster would have been fine with her, but as soon as she saw Buster she lost it. This wasn't "Oh, you're a strange dog, I think I'll bark"; this was "I will kill you. I will rip you apart, starting with your jugular. I will bathe in your blood. I will eat your soul!" I mean, this was some pure hatred we witnessed. So...we tried a different dog, and after a few minutes they didn't mind each other, but apparently this one needs to be crated when people aren't at home or else he'll rip your whole house apart. Since I don't believe in crating dogs, we passed on this one. Oh well. It was a nice thought. (I'm disappointed, because the first dog was seriously the sweetest thing and I fell in love right away. Boo.)
  • There's a woman at work who is apparently very reserved, but I didn't know that, and I thought she didn't like me. I was told, however, that she was talking about me the other day and was saying that she thought I was just so sweet. This made my day. Actually, it made my week.
  • Why does driving home after work on Friday feel different than driving home after work any other day?
  • I went through a brief non-knitting stage this past week. I think I was just so upset about work that I couldn't focus on anything in particular, and the gorgeous knee socks I was making require constant attention. I'm past this phase, though, and I'm in the middle of the foot now, so I'm back on track. I really need to finish this pair so I can start a pair I promised Kwiddens like a year ago, so I can then use the sock yarn I bought that is lots of colors and so soft and squooshy!
  • I have an inexplicable crush on Bam from Jackass. I can't explain it; I just think he's adorable.
  • I desperately need to go clothes shopping, but I don't have the money right now. I get paid on Thursday though, so I think next weekend is going to be a shopping weekend. Oh, how I hate shopping!
  • We had yearly reviews at work. I did just fine, and got my raise. I also got this rocking hoodie with our lab's logo embroidered on it. I think maybe I was supposed to have been wearing it at work, but I took it home so it would stay nice. Scott then called me a nerd. I probably deserved it.
  • I think in the Zombie Apocalypse, Scott and I would be just fine. We're both really good with guns, and we've seen enough zombie movies to not make the same stupid mistakes everyone else does.


magnolia said...

when i get to a wawa, my favorite way stations on the drive between southern virginia and new york city, i always use the milkshake robot. it's just too much fun.

glad the week's settling down!

Kim said...

I bet you in time Buster would acclimate to another dog. Maybe he'd like a dog that's smaller than him, better?