Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Neti Pot Nast

Yesterday after work I sucked it up and made a doctor's appointment. Fortunately, they were able to get me in that afternoon, so I didn't have to wait or pay a higher copay to go to Instacare. The doc I saw was really nice. I always like when they're nice. Anyway, he confirmed that I do, in fact, have a textbook sinus infection, and gave me some antibiotics to try. He said it might be viral, though, in which case they won't help me at all. I'm crossing my fingers. I'm to keep taking Sudafed and he gave me a Neti Pot to try...

Um, eew.

Cleaning out my nasal passages? AWFUL. First of all, it feels like when you're in the swimming pool and you get chlorinated water up your nose and it burns and burns and burns and you feel like you might as well die because it would hurt much less. Then, after it's done and drained out and all that, I continued to feel like I was drowning in a chlorinated pool until I went to sleep an hour later (and falling asleep while your nasal passages are burning takes a lot longer than you'd think).

I have a sneaking suspicion that if I use distilled or filtered water next time it might be a bit better, but I'm still very grossed out and I did not enjoy the sensation one bit. And to top it all off, I didn't really feel like it helped all that much. The pressure in this case is mostly in the forehead and eye sinuses, not so much the nose ones, and the Sudafed takes care of the nose ones. BUT, I'll try it again tonight because I am so desperate for some relief. These headaches NEED to stop or else I'm going to have to TP that doctor's house.

Can you believe some people do this to their nose every single day? Nutters, the lot of them.


So: antibiotics. Lovely. I'm sure my IBS will be very happy about this for the next 10 days...


magnolia said...

my daddy, as well as a ton of other people i know, SWEAR by the whole nasal flushing thing. i am 100% on your side with this, though; i'd rather sniffle for the rest of my natural life than pour water into my head. gaah.

Kim said...

I've been meaning to try a neti pot. Now I'm not so sure.

I hope the antibiotics help and aren't too harsh on your system. A good probiotic might help counter-balance.