Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blogging About Blogs

I enjoy reading blogs. I like reading about people I know personally, but there is just something very appealing to me about finding a person that I know nothing about and reading his or her blog. It's interesting to see what internet anonymity does for a person. If you're writing and nobody knows who you are you have much more freedom to express yourself without offending the people you know (or, even if they do get offended, they don't know who wrote what offended them) so in reading these blogs I get a better sense of who a person really is.

Plus I need something to do at work.

Some of the blogs I enjoy reading are:
Daddy Scratches
Yarn Harlot

Once I read an entire blog, all the way from the first entry to the most recent, I look around for a new one to read. Some don't catch my interest at all and are quickly dismissed, but when I find a good one they've got a new regular reader. As someone who is married with no children and almost no responsibilities beyond going to work and feeding the dog, I am incredibly blessed with lots of free time. Usually I like to knit/crochet while I watch TV/movies, but sometimes, especially lately, my hands hurt and it is easier for me to point and click than play with yarn. So, with all my free time, I need things to do. Surfing the internet is ok, but I would rather have a list of sites I go to on a daily basis to check for new content. So, I read some webcomics and I read some blogs. I like blogs.

Reading the blogs I do makes me want to be a better writer (all three of the blogs listed above are written by an author or journalist). They have talent. I can win the grammar contest every time, and write a term paper in my sleep, but when it comes down to putting down my personal thoughts, I could use a little more panache. It isn't that I'm a bad writer, it's just that I feel I could do better. So, sometimes when I have something I would like to blog about, I don't, because I don't know exactly how to put it in words that don't sound completely idiotic.
So, I write about what happens to me on a daily basis. And I worry that this is BORING. But, it's a great way to keep up with friends who also blog.

So, here, from a blog I stumbled across a few minutes ago (Perfectly Cursed Life, I was only there for a few minutes and I'm already very interested) here is a really good meme:

I Can't
See past about a foot without my glasses on
Handle stress without medication
Knit lace
Run without having an asthma attack
Figure out technology without Scott's help
I Can
Accept my limitations, both emotional and physical
Read faster than anyone else I know
Play minesweeper faster than anyone else I know
Leave old ladies in the dust with my wicked yarn skills
I Won't
Intentionally hurt another person, even though I might want to
Let myself go again
Ever have the opportunity to shoot my gun (no bullets anywhere ever)(although I have my permit now so I can carry it concealed)(but it's worthless without the ammo)(sad)
Get a tattoo or another piercing
I Will
Always go above and beyond at work
Tell Scott I love him every single day
Squish spiders on sight
Knit until my hands hurt
I Shouldn't
Worry about things that are never going to happen
Drink soda (or eat candy, for that matter)
Take as many naps during the day (but I still will)
Use sarcasm
I Should
Exercise and eat better
Help out more around the house
Cherish the people I have in my life
Say only positive things about people

Interesting what responses you come up with when you just sit and think about it for a while.
I have a good life.

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Anonymous said...

We should all do the things on your "I should" list...seriously, the world would be a much better place.

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