Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fremont and Pain

So here's another tidbit about Vegas:
The Fremont Street Experience is actually pretty cool, albeit ear-bustingly LOUD. During the day you can walk around and look up and it just looks like some sort of sun shade is over the street, but then periodically throughout the night the whole street turns its lights off and the canopy LIGHTS UP. It's actually made of a kazillion little LEDs. These are a few pictures of the neat shows. The whole theme was "Summer of '69", because it was the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. The entire staff of our hotel was wearing tie-dye, which was pretty fun. Anyway, so the shows on the giant sky-TV were all about that, and there was some good music too. I was actually surprised at the crowd; it was much smaller than I expected, which is AWESOME because I don't always do well in crowds.

On another, unrelated note, I went to the doctor again yesterday. Apparently we need to "prove" that it is actually carpal tunnel, so they had to give me a cortisone injection INTO MY HAND DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW PAINFUL THAT IS, HOLY CRAP. They injected numbing stuff in along with the steroid, so last night I couldn't feel anything, and then It. Wore. Off.

Pain. Oh yes, pain.

And all day today I had to do everything left-handed and it was hard and awkward and I was sad. But the pain is mostly gone, except typing this isn't exactly pleasant.
So I go back in three weeks, and if the cortisone has helped, then we know it is, in fact, carpal tunnel, and then we can proceed for plans to surgify me, yes I make up words. The surgery will have me out of work for a whole week and I have no idea how I am going to handle that. I take one day off and I get so excruciatingly bored, so a whole week? Let me just say, there better be some wicked good pain meds that go along with all this. Maybe if I'm stoned I won't be bored...?

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perfectlycursedlife said...

Cortisone shots are awful. I haven't had them in the hand, but I've had them in the foot and they're wicked. They hurt at first like hell. Then you get an hour of numbness. Then you get like a day of pain. I don't even get what they do because I've never had much help from them.