Monday, July 27, 2009


...for the lack of posts. Baby Pink Lappie has been very, very sick. She is mostly better now due to the tremendous efforts of the amazing Mr. Scott. She needed to be reformatted and now she is acting like a computer instead of a broken record. Soon she will be back to normal (some files haven't been transferred back on to Lappie from backup...cough cough 40 gigs of music...).

I have to have surgery on my wrist, or maybe wrists, I will ask the surgeon tomorrow what he thinks. I have carpal tunnel syndrome. Woo hoo, my favorite. So for a while there will be no posting, because I won't be able to type for a little while. I have to take some time off work, and I hope pushing the buttons on the remote control doesn't hurt because THERE WILL BE NOTHING ELSE TO DO AT MY HOUSE. I'm thinking back on the few months I didn't have a job and I can't for the life of me remember what in the world I did all day. I get a day off now and I feel so LAZY. And I'm bored ALL DAY LONG.

Oh yeah, we went to Vegas on vacation for Pioneer Day. I should post about about I post a little bit at a time to minimize wrist-hurting-ness? Excellent idea, Anna.

Scott got a tattoo:
Ok, not really. It was a "henna" tattoo. I say "henna" because is WASN'T real henna. I would know, I do henna tattoos. Anyway. The lady said it would last for like 3 weeks but it was gone the next day...waste of $15. Anyway, we thought it would be funny to freak out Scott's ultra-conservative mother. But, seeing as it faded away, she wasn't fooled.

More to come later. Maybe daily mini-posts until I am done talking about Vegas...?

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