Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Finger Hurts

So for the fourth we didn't do anything special. I was planning on going down to my Mim's house but she had to work almost nonstop the whole weekend so I would have been bored. So, I stayed home and was bored. Go figure.

We ventured out of the house to get snacks at the corner gas station and we decided to buy a few fireworks while we were at it. We shot them off just a little while ago at the end of our driveway. We had Buster tied up out front with us and he was really confused at all the fuss. I burned my finger. I'm such a sissy.

I finished half of Em's birthday present. I was trying to get more done but the hand cramps are getting worse, so I can only do a little at a time whithout excruciating pain and seizing up completely so I can't move my hand. I really need to go see a doc about it but I'm afraid that there will be surgeryness and I don't want to take the time off work. I'm not a workaholic or anything, but you know I don't like messing up my routine.

Scott got some mosquito bites tonight and they swelled up into GIANT bumps on his arms. I got off with no bites at all. I win.

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