Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Is It About Our House?

So today the FTIR guy came. The REAL one. From Perkin-Elmer. Dude worked on the instrument for three solid hours and came up empty-handed. This whole thing is way past annoying now. Of course the service technicians always come when it is most INconvenient. We had 20 samples today plus I had outside testing and monthly water testing, and I had to retest ALL of the mercury samples, so I was pretty busy, and I have such a small instrument room that I had to dance around FTIR Dude to get my work done. Annoying.

Moving on.

I exercised today! I am so incredibly out of shape. This is pathetic, but my goal was to do just 20 minutes on the treadmill. BUT, I didn't feel like dying so I went 35 MINUTES WOW. And I pushed myself too. Now, I just need to do this every day and get into shape really fast so I look awesome in my bikini when we go to Vegas next month.

Yes, Vegas. We're planning to go Pioneer Day weekend. Mim and Scott and I will drive down Thursday after work and stay until Sunday morning. We're going to hit up all the free stuff (there's actually quite a lot to do if you're cheap) and soak up the sun. I'm really excited. I've been on road trips before, but I've never actually planned a vacation and gone on it. We didn't even really go on a honeymoon (I think what we did was better: spend a whole week shopping and eating out and seeing movies and doing fun stuff while we got our house organized. No planning involved! And no money spent! Except on the vacuum cleaner. Definitely spent $500.00 on that one) so this will be really cool for me. I don't really like being away from home, where everything is familiar and I have all my stuff around me, but I think I can deal for a few days. Our friend is going to house-sit (and puppy-sit) and Mim is going to board Gir and have someone check in on the bunnies and snakes, and then we're not going to worry about anything or anyone else for THREE WHOLE DAYS!

Em and Jorg will be going to Cedar Point (somewhere in Ohio?) to ride roller coasters with Dad so Mim would be all alone and bored if we didn't do something together. How sad would that be?

So. Our house.

This is the second time someone has tried to break into our house. Seriously, what's the deal?!

Now, don't get me wrong, we have a lot of valuables, but I'm sure all the other houses do too...and it's been ours twice.

I got home and let Buster outside, but I didn't go out myself. I exercised, showered, and wound a ball of yarn before Scott got home. When he got home, he let Buster out again and went with him to play. Now, yesterday he had gone around and put screens back on windows. But today when he went into the backyard one of the screens had been pulled off and another was almost off. It couldn't have been wind or anything because they are designed to be hard to pull off. Now luckily we lock all our windows and Buster was probably barking like crazy (we don't know, it happened while we were at work). There were perfect fingerprints, but the policeman who came thought it was most likely stupid kids getting into mischief. He was a really nice guy. We talked about the neighborhood and he had some really good suggestions aboout home security so over the next few days we will be looking into buying a gun safe and making a security system (seriously, Scott can make anything with electronics. Genius.) that we can monitor from our computer and program to send us a text message if the alarm is triggered. COOL.

We also decided to do an entire home inventory, with the make, model, and serial numbers of all our electronics and guns, plus lists of all the furniture and how much it's worth, a list of all our movies and CDs, etc. Then we will store the list not only on our computers but on our online server and we will have that in case things are stolen or the house burns down or something and we need to make a police report or insurance claim.

We're grownups!

I finished the second season of Bones that Scott got me. I love the TV on DVD idea. Genius. Of course that means I have seen every episode of Stargate EVER like, five times. I'm not nerdy or anything. Nope, not me.

OH YEAH I ALMOST FORGOT. I freaking finished the socks! It only took me months...there were just so many stitches, and they were so tiny, and it got boring in the middle just going around and around and around...yeah. But they're done. And Mim is getting them this weekend at her birthday celebration. Here they are on my feet:They are still a little stiff because I haven't washed them yet, but they feel like a hug, but for your feet. Seriously, if you have never worn hand-knit socks you are missing out.

Scott has been building a remote-control lawn mower (coolest project ever, there will definitely be a post about it when it's done) and so he has been practicing welding. He welded me this message:I am so loved.

Now here's what Scott does at work: OctoStacker.
My husband is so sexy.

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Kirk said...

Thought I would let you know that I watch 3-4 episodes of SG-1 each night while Nolan is trying to not fall asleep. Silly kid, already acting like a grown-up, really tired, but wont go to sleep.