Monday, June 1, 2009

Pretty Storm

I love storms. I am the type of person who, when I used to live in Oklahoma and South Dakota (tornadoes a'plenty), would stand outside until the last possible second so I could see the funnel cloud up close and personal. In fact, one time my Mim and I were driving in a huge storm and we got caught in the middle of a funnel in the van. It was the COOLEST experience EVER.

This is no tornado...the storms in Utah are pathetic compared, but at least it's something.

There's a bit of lightning, and soon the rain will start falling, and I can sleep to that. I will HAVE to sleep to that either way because we need cool air in this house.

What about the swamp cooler? Oh yeah, the guy fixed it, and then it broke again. Apparently the motor was trashed so he replaced that and called it good. Then, I got home and it was on, and felt soooooo good. We turned it off for a while because it got cool enough and we don't like wasting money on power if we can help it. Then, I was getting ready for bed so I turned it on so it would be nice and cool (we sleep on the top floor) and POP and then the burning smell again.
Scott climbed back up there and it looks like the power thingy is short circuited and it blew the breaker and it's bad because the house could catch on fire and then I would lose all my yarn and Stargate and Gilmore Girls DVDs. And some other things that might be important.

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