Friday, June 12, 2009

Broken, Not Broken: Make Up Your Mind!

So our friend didn't end up moving in with us. I don't know how she's doing it! Breaking up with someone is hard enough, but when you continue to live with him while looking for a new place you are just nuts. But she seems to be holding up okay, at least for now. Hopefully she will find a place soon and she can have some closure and move on with her life.

This week was pretty easy. Everything worked pretty well (except FTIR , more on that in a second) until Thursday. The day I had off. OF COURSE. Because when I leave, things get a mind of their own. Arsenic wasn't working, and I talked my boss through everything I could think of over the phone, and it still wasn't working, so he gave up and left it for me to finish this morning. But when I got in this morning, and braced myself for a fight to the death, it just started up without any tweaking and cheerfully worked perfectly. HAUNTED. Drew ( summed it up perfectly:Anyway, the FTIR has been down for a week now. I don't use it every day, so it isn't as critical. The maintenance dude was supposed to come on Monday. So we waited...and waited...he didn't call or anything. Next day: We waited, and waited...Nope. Wednesday: "I'm definitely coming in today!" Not a chance. Thursday (while I'm not there): "Here I am!"
So he took a look at it and a fan had seized up completely, making everything overheat! No wonder it wasn't working. So he got the part today and came in to replace it. He took the whole thing apart and replaced the fan and it was a good thing he turned it on to make sure it was working because then something else was wrong! So I have about a zillion and a half people asking me every day, "When will my FTIR project get done??" And AGAIN I have to say "Sorry, I promise it is not my fault it is broken! Really, I swear!"

So there must be a virus. That only affects MY instruments, not anyone else's...yeah.

So Mim's birthday is July 1, so the weekend before that we are planning something awesome. But she reads this so I can't reveal details until after. But it will be way fun! Then, we always do the planning to celebrate the 4th of July. Last year we went camping, but little did we know that we were on private land, NOT public like we thought, and we all got in trouble and the dude almost called the cops and we were like OH NO WE ARE SO SORRY PLEASE NO COPS WE DIDN'T KNOW!

So, this year, we need to plan something else. We are thinking of just keeping it simple this year, just inviting everyone to our house. We will have a huge barbecue, and we will have movies and fireworks (the pitiful little ones that are legal in Utah, BOO), and if The Farm is open the guys will all go play paintball up there. But mostly it will just be hanging out and doing whatever we think will be fun. One thing we liked about doing camping is that we were right next to the perfect field for paintball, and had a perfect place to shoot. There will be no shooting at our house, because 1. THERE IS NO AMMO ANYWHERE and 2. I don't want to get arrested. Nope.

Panda Express has Asparagus Chicken now. SO TASTY.

Bones came in the mail finally, so yesterday while the dudes were working on our air conditioning, I watched Bones and I love that show.

Now, the reason people were working on our air conditioning is because we didn't have any. We just had a swamp cooler. Now, when we moved into this house, we signed a rent-to-own agreement, so part of our rent each month goes toward equity, and then in October, we get to take out a loan and fully purchase the house. We're making small improvements now, just little tiny things that make it nicer in here, but Scott negotiated with our landlord to split the cost of installing new AC. So, since Chet was paying half, we opted for the really nice AC and also replaced the old furnace with one of the new super-efficient ones, and it only cost us $2200.00. And that will raise the value of the house much more than that, so good investment! This owning a house thing is going to be fun. However, the idea of being in debt that far HURTS. I have been fortunate to always have enough work to cover my expenses so the most I was ever in debt was about $1500.00, until we bought our car, and since we paid mostly cash for it, we only had to take out a small loan to cover the rest so really we are barely in debt at all. So BIG debt...a little scary. I mean, it's like I'm an adult or something...

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