Monday, June 29, 2009

Minesweeper BUNNYCAKE

This just happened: Buster was lying around. Scott started talking to him:
"Puppy, you should go make me chocolate milk.
"No? Ok, you should go make me a steak.
"No? Ok, you should sit there and look at me like an idiot."
Buster looked away.

FTIR is still broken. Rex (FTIR Dude) is ordering parts and will get back to us.

Work was pretty busy today. I had a USP Heavy Metals test (takes about 5 hours) and 20 samples, plus another lab sent over 35 samples for me to run mercury.

I have been asking my lab manager for a while now if there is somewhere I can organize raw materials. We keep samples of all outgoing product for the past 5 years in an archive (they call it the "morgue", kinda morbid if you ask me) but they don't have any sort of organizational system for raw materials, which we are also required to keep around for 5 years. So today I talked to my boss. I decided how I wanted to organize them and I asked for what I needed and he said ok, so as soon as I get the shelving and small boxes I will start. It will probably be a big project, since I have hundreds of samples to run through.

So this Wednesday is Mim's birthday. We celebrated this past weekend. We drove down Friday after work. Traffic was awful so we didn't get there until about 7:00. We took Em and Jorg and Em's friend Fish out for dinner at The Pizza Factory, which was very tasty but the service was SOOO slow. We left there and went to do some shopping. We needed groceries for Mim's birthday dinner and Em and Jorg hadn't had a chance to get Mim anything for her birthday. So Jorg picked out some candles and Em found some hand salve and cuticle cream (Burt's Bees! It's the best!) and I found a necklace that was so very Mimmish:We got home and went to bed, but I couldn't sleep so when Mim got home from work around midnight I hung out with her a little bit before going back to bed. In the morning we all woke up and we sent Mim out for her surprise. We had scheduled her for a manicure/pedicure/facial package at a spa, and also a deep conditioning hair treatment. We figured she would be gone about six hours, so we woke Em and Jorg up and Scott went to get breakfast for us all. We ate (yummy Burger King, CinniMinis are the best) and then got to work! Em and I teamed up, and Jorg and Scott teamed up, and we all tackled cleaning the house. We got A LOT done, and when Mim got home she was so excited to have a clean house! We then made birthday dinner: burgers and chips and soda and birthday cake. Desu (one of Em's bunnies) was on the table after we were all done with dinner and apparently will eat anything:BUNNYCAKE. Very cute!
We hung around for a little longer while we waited for the benadryl to kick in (in Buster-he gets very motion sick in the car and we hoped this would help-it did) and then we came home. It was a fun visit, and I think Mim had a very good time.

So I made a minesweeper record:74 Seconds! On expert level! I have too much time on my hands...

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