Saturday, August 20, 2011

Text Time 16

Kwiddens: Do you want to hear a potassium joke?
Me: Sure
Kwiddens: K :)

Me: I don't like any children except Nyah.
Kwiddens: Lol ok

Kwiddens: I wish I could just be stoned for a couple days
Me: I know EXACTLY how you feel
Kwiddens: And then magically when I sober up my bills are paid and the move is done and the landlord is off our backs
Me: And we're skinny with perfect boobs.
Kwiddens: Um yes.

Me: I feel like lying around and just being a blob today.
Kwiddens: ME TOO. And fooding. I shaved my legs today. That counts for something, right?
Me: Yeah!
Kwiddens: Hell yes :)

Me: Our neighbors are SO noisy!
Kwiddens: What are they doing?
Me: I'm not really sure. I just keep hearing loud slamming noises, like thunks.
Kwiddens: SEX.
Me: It's not that regular. And it's off and on, all the time.
Kwiddens: Weird.
Me: There are kids there.
Kwiddens: You need a house in a retirement community.


kwiddens said...

I should have said epileptic sex. But that would be bad.

Anonymous said...

haha - i LOVE these.

Kim said...

Please tell me you've seen Chemistry Cat. You and Kwiddens would love him/her (not sure...)

Anna W said...

That's just fabulous! Silly cat...

kwiddens said...

I feel like usually I'm funnier than I have been lately. Maybe I'm just full of myself.