Friday, August 5, 2011

Computers Out Of Thin Air

When I lived in South Dakota kids could get a job when they were 14, but here you have to wait until you're 16, which is fine, unless you're only 15 and you really want a new gaming computer and your parents won't buy you one.

Enter: The Big Sister.

Jorg really wanted a new gaming computer, and Scott is magical and makes computers out of thin air (or out of parts from NewEgg...).

So we all decided that we would buy the computer, and Jorg would pay us back by working 40 hours for us. And I mean WORKING. He's been coming over and staying almost every weekend lately and helping us with all sorts of things around the house, slowly whittling down his hours. He's done 12 already, I think. When he's not working, he and Scott play games, and we've been having tons of fun.

This turned out to be a perfect opportunity for Scott to build himself a new gaming computer, too, which is why he now won't let me buy him anything for his birthday later this month.

So Jorg experiences working hard for something he really wants, and I have someone to help me paint the living room. Scott hates painting, so I was going to have to do it all alone, but now I have company!


Kim said...

I'm pretty sure this is the best idea I've heard all week. Maybe all summer.

sawyer said...

haha.... oh newegg...oh how i know thee so well too! a couple weeks ago, boxes started showing up at our door from ups and fedex...i ask my dearly beloved, what all these boxes are, his reply 'oh, i'm going to build this [enter specific name here] server...i'm selling off some "old" parts, so don't worry about it. oh how we love our newegg friends.

back to ur post, that is a fabulous idea, esp with the painting! he's old enough/i'm sure he's taller than you to be a big help!

Anna W said...

He IS taller than I am now! Actually, he might even be taller than Scott. If he isn't now, he soon will be.

Scott sold a ton of old parts and things to help pay for his new machine. It made him feel a bit better about spending the money.