Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Open Letters?

Dear PCL,

May I please steal your Open Letters idea?

-A Bloggy Friend Who Thinks It's A Fabulous Idea

Dear ICP-MS,

You seem to have come to your senses. It only took a week! Please be good, at least for a few months, I beg of you.


Dear Scott,

You're my angel. Seriously. You make everything better. You need to know how much I appreciate how hard you work to make me happy and my life easy. I know your job is driving you insane right about now, but remember that you get to come home to an awesome wifey and an even awesomer puppy, and we love to hang with you when you get home.


Dear 401K,

You're going to be much smaller for a while, aren't you? At least we don't need that money right now...

-Someone Who Is Slightly Poorer But Can Still Afford Coffee Every Morning

Dear Green Sweater,

I LOVE making you. I LOVE that every time I try you on you fit perfectly. I LOVE the yarn I'm using, and I've learned my lesson: I'll never use cheap yarn for a sweater again. This time, you're turning out beautifully. You drape just right, and you're smooth and silky (even though there's no silk in you), and your color makes my cheeks look rosy, which will make people think I eat more vegetables than I actually do. That being said, I have one request: please don't need more yarn than I bought. I'm not sure where to get more. I suppose that's what I get for buying the yarn for one sweater pattern and, a year later, choosing a different sweater pattern.

-A Happy, Happy Knitter (Who Will Be Warm This Winter)


Kim said...

Dear Bloggy Friend Who Thinks It's A Fabulous Idea:
Of course. I'm glad you love it.

Anonymous said...

have i mentioned recently that you and scott have the best relationship? seriously. :)

Kwiddens said...

Dear Anna,
Write a letter to ME!