Saturday, August 6, 2011

Text Time 15

Mim: I hate giving away books; I don't want them to feel rejected...

Mim: Aargh! I can't decide whether to arrange my bookshelves by size, color, topic, or alphabet!

Kwiddens: I wonder if BO smells like body odor
Kwiddens: I mean the chemical compound BO
Me: I know :)
Kwiddens: Okie. I didn't want you thinking I was (more) tarded
Me: Lol. You're not "tarded" at all!
Kwiddens: I knew you'd never tell me...

Kwiddens: If I walk to the gas station to get chocolate, I'm nearly calorie neutral!

Kwiddens: I need a nanny today.
Me: I need a shot.
Kwiddens: Amen.
(This one was edited for language. Use your imagination!)

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Kim said...

I feel the same way about books! The same exact way. I just weeded out some books from undergrad that are way outdated and I felt so wrong putting them in that box with the Twilight books to go to a better home.