Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Husband Is Better Than Yours

Yesterday was an awful day. Bad, bad, bad. Work sucked, and I hadn't slept the night before because I was worried about work, and I was exhausted and things just kept going from bad to worse. I was on my feet for ten hours straight and forgot to take a lunch break. I was on messenger, so Scott was aware of how bad my day was.

So when I got home, here's what happened:

I walked in the door and puppy attacked me with love and kisses. I sat down on the couch and Scott pulled me over and snuggled with me while I told him all about my crappy day. Then he told me to pick a restaurant, and he took me out to Zupas for dinner. We got home and he made me go take a hot bubble bath and read my book about particle physics and the Big Bang (light reading, you know), and when I got out of the tub he gave me a massage.

He had gone online and read lots of articles about massage, so he had a candle that smelled great burning, and some background noise like little birds chirping, and pomegranate body butter, and he rubbed my back and my feet and my shoulders, where I carry all my tension. He even rubbed my temples. I was so relaxed! Then I took a Tylenol PM, internetted for a while, and went to bed early.

I think I can handle work today.

I hope.


Kim said... sweet! That's some true love right there.

magnolia said...

ok, that's about the sweetest thing in the universe. what a man you've got! :)

Anna W said...

I know, right?!