Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's All About The Matching Handle

As you know, part of the kitchen remodel is getting all new matching stainless steel appliances (so shiny!). We were planning on waiting until later to buy them all, since ours were working just fine, but I've been so fed up with the water spots and mineral deposits on my dishes, and even more with the dishes not even getting clean. I was ranting about it and Scott got up, put on his coat, and dragged me off to Home Depot, where we took the plunge and bought a new dishwasher.

Behold, my new lovely precious:

We had it delivered last Saturday, and Scott installed it himself, because he's brilliant and knows how to do everything. It looks SO SEXY:

There are some really awesome things about this dishwasher. One, it sings at you when it's finished! It's adorable! Two, the handle matches our cabinet hardware! Three, when it's on you can barely tell it's on because it's so quiet!

The new dishwasher will not solve our hard water problems, of course, so next we started the process of getting a water softener installed. More on that later!


magnolia said...

ooooh. shiny. (literally.) :)

Kim said...

I love it!

And what I love more (of course) is that Buster is all in the first picture next to the dishwasher like "what is this thing?"