Friday, January 21, 2011

Text Time 12

Kwiddens: Rachel and Nickie have this habit of making mediocre food and then complimenting each other repeatedly on it.

Em: I decided that "That's what she said" isn't shocking or inappropriate anymore.  So instead, when someone would normally make that joke, I say "That reminds me of my father".

Scott: I am so tired
Me: Me too. How much snow did you get?
Scott: Like 9 is your snow too
Me: Sorry I meant to text that to Mim lol
Scott: Oh. I see how it is, rather talk to her. Don't worry I will just go curl up in the corner and die. LOL
Me: I love you so much, dork
Scott: Ho
Me: Ass
Scott: Jerk

Kwiddens: I hate when people say "all of the sudden"
Me: Oh me too!
Kwiddens: I worked with a girl who claimed to be a grammar buff and she said it all the time.

Me: I've eaten nothing but chocolate today.
Kwiddens: Wow.
Kwiddens: You made me want chocolate.
Me: Lol Sorry
Kwiddens: It's ok. I had a double chocolate chip blended ice cream and now I'm good