Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Green Room, Part 2

So when I left you we had a giant pile of mess down in the ex-Green Room. We cleaned that all up, and now we have a giant stack of drywall in the garage, and for a while Scott couldn't fit the Mustang in the garage so it had to be in the driveway, so in the cold mornings it wasn't happy and refused to start, so I've been driving Scott to work sometimes.


Once we got everything stripped to the studs we had to do some electrical work. Ok, a LOT of electrical work. Before there had been only one (ugly) light in the ceiling, and we kinda have a thing for can lights, so we wanted to install some in this room. We bought six, but when we were deciding where to put them we decided to just do four (which turned out to be plenty bright), so we have two for when we finish the basement. We had to do some fancy wiring, because we have two on one switch and two on another switch, so there are three ways to light the room, and you can have less light or more light for whatever you're doing.

Here's Scott working on the switches:

At one point while Scott was sorting out all the electrical weirdness that was already in the walls, we came across a bundle of wiring that was for...? It was a giant bundle, and we couldn't tell where it led or what it was for, so we had to turn off all the breakers for the entire house to work on them safely, so Scott had to work by flashlight for a little while:

Here's a shot of one of the can lights:

Obviously, it will look nice when it's finished. The four are in a perfectly symmetrical grid that fits perfectly in the center of the room. We love this.

Remember that giant mess of wires we found in the wall that had been taped together? Fixed!

So here are a few shots for a view of the room all ready for insulation and drywall:

Note the Buster sighting.

Here's when we started to get the insulation put back in:

Note the Buster tail sighting.


magnolia said...

the wiring work has officially impressed me to no end. the man's house - affectionately described as the funhouse - has so much crazy-bad wiring in it that it's frightening. the other night, it was me, the man, his roommate and his roommate's new girlfriend. she asked for some hot tea, so he went to go make it. then, after about 10 seconds, the TV and all the electronics shut off. apparently, a TV, a cable box, a space heater and a hot-tea machine was too much for the circuit breaker to take.

nothing in that joint is up to code. it's rather amusing. or completely terrifying. either way.

Kim said...

BUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God I love that dog! :)

You guys are so damn crafty in your home. I cannot say this enough. It's amazing, really. Truly amazing.

Anna W said...

I love posting the home-improvement things because I get nice comments, when really Scott was the one doing most of the work, and I was sitting there saying "Missed a spot!" and getting him drinks and such.