Monday, September 27, 2010

Check Out All The Pix!

I finally got off my butt and transferred a ton of pictures to baby pink lappie, so HERE WE GO!

A few weeks ago Scott and I finally got around to buying a new bed. RC Willey was having an amazing sale, with a couple hundred dollars off plus a free headboard, a free sheet set, free pillows, and a free little HDTV:

Scott's been using it as a computer monitor (surprise, surprise). It actually died on him the other day, but when he brought it back in to the store they were happy to replace it so no harm done.

 So here's our beautiful, soft, comfy, BIG, king-sized bed:

Buster has been getting really good at holding treats on his nose until we say "ok".

The gorgeous Em has gone platinum blonde! She looks amazing:

She and I have similar coloring, so that makes me wonder if I would look good blonde...hmmm...

When we went to Maddox with Li I took a picture of the rolls, because YUM:

I bought a new purse, and it totally makes me think of Indiana Jones. I love it and it smells so good:

I took a picture of the swelling on my ankle last week:

Fortunately, it's getting much, much better. I think I might be back in the gym by tomorrow!

When Scott gets sad (say, when we spend $4600...) he hugs Buster, even though Buster doesn't like being hugged:

We found a new mask for Scott to wear under his cloak when he passes out candy this Halloween:

Of course, we had to put it on Buster, who was not amused:

And that's it!


magnolia said...

i've got a fun (heh) swollen ankle picture from a couple of summers ago when i snapped my ankle like a twig, then insisted on walking around atlanta all day on it anyway. i spent a lot of money to go to that show... :)

Kim said...

The picture of Buster with that mask on seriously made my day. I may bookmark that picture and come back to it when I'm depressed. It's just so funny to me.

Sorry about your ankle. Feet problems really mess with life.

Anna W said...

My ankle was feeling better yesterday, and now today it's all mad at me again. I'm tired of sitting down!

Kim-I should start a Buster Of The Day club. You can be the first member. I'll send out pictures of Buster all the time.