Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Expensive Fix

Fixed! It took several hours and two techs, but it's fixed. There's a complicated computery-looking thing that interfaces the computer's operating system with the instrument's operating system. That's what broke. The tech guy thinks it got fried sometime during the storm this past weekend. They were really nice tech guys. They only charged us for two hours of labor and the part. It's an expensive part; it probably costs around $600.00. But it's fixed! So tomorrow I will have the samples from Friday, Tuesday, and today, and that will take a while, but it's FIXED.

Something that makes me happy:
Mim is making over her house, a little bit at a time. She just wants to add a splash of happy color here and there, and it's coming along nicely. This is the comforter set I gave her for Christmas:It's different tones of purple, and I got pink sheets to accent it. It's super soft and comfy too.
She painted her living room this color:I actually picked the color. We were looking to match her furniture and a painting she has that has all the colors of her furniture, plus some blues. This was perfect! When we bought the color we were so excited but when we actually started painting and seeing how blue it was we just got all giddy. It's a color that makes you feel relaxed and cheerful at the same time.

She hung the snowflakes I made her for Christmas years ago on the wall during this past holiday season and she's thinking of moving them to her room. They will look whimsical with the purple flowers on her bedspread. Her room will be a happy place!

Since I stayed an extra hour and a half yesterday and today, I can leave work at 2:00 tomorrow and Friday if I want. Or I can get overtime. Either way, I'm a winner.

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