Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Well, Sometimes It's The Same

You know, one of the interesting things about my particular brand of crazy is that on a day when I have gotten a full night of deep, quality sleep versus a day like today, when I tried for hours and hours to fall asleep and failed miserably, ending up curled up on the couch watching Robot Chicken, I can see the exact same scenario two different ways. Observe:

Scenario A: I arrive at work to find giant stacks of samples. The twelve hour run I had going last night after I left stopped working a whole ten minutes after I left and most of it has to be done over again. More and more samples come in all day long, and I don't get to eat lunch again on yet another twelve hour day.

Well-rested: "Ha! Isn't life funny. I guess I get more money today. Oh well, at least I didn't go get a big fatty lunch. At least I'm busy and not bored."

Today: "Crap* on a stick."

Scenario B: Knit night is tonight.

Well-rested: "Yay! Knit night! I get to see all my friends and have a delicious smoothie at the coffee shop and play with soft, colorful, squishy things!"

Today: "Don't wanna. Too tired. I'd rather drug myself and go to bed at 7:00. Crap* on a stick."

Scenario C: This season of The Walking Dead is over.

Well-rested: "Crap* on a stick."

Today: "Crap* on a stick."

*And, of course, by "crap" I mean an entirely different word. Use your imagination.

1 comment:

kim said...

You've authorized me to use my imagination, and thus I have.

Shit on a stick.
Fuck on a stick.
Butterfly on a stick.
Virus on a stick.
Bacteria on a stick.
Lipstick on a stick.