Friday, March 9, 2012

Text Time 22

Me: I need to clean my house. Things are piling up.
Kwiddens: I need to eat something that's not Twix. :)

TV and baking at the same time!
Me: Clever!

Em: Problems with having photography majors as friends: you end up wearing nothing but a satin negligee in the snow for two hours.
Me: There better be awesome pics as a result!
Em: We got the whole shoot done, but at the price of hypothermia.
Me: Are you okay?
Em: I am now.

Me: How you doin, Mim?
Mim: Doin alright. I lost my glasses. Sucjs to lose glasses because yoi bcan't see to find the.
Me: Or to text, apparently :P

Jorg: According to my teacher, gas is a liquid.
Me: Does he mean gasoline?
Jorg: No.
Me: Was he trying to say "fluid" instead of liquid? Because that would actually be correct.
Jorg: He says the two terms are interchangeable.
Me: Nooooooooo. He seems to have gotten his degree in Dumbassery.
Jorg: I told Mom what you said. She says she loves you.

1 comment:

kim said...

Hypothermia can be cured. A good photo shoot lasts forever. ;)

(just kidding obviously)