Thursday, March 22, 2012

Text Time 23

Starring The Kwiddens, and pictures!

Me: I'm going to McDonald's. Gonna get a crappy burger.
Kwiddens: Funtime. I'm gonna make some damn cookies.
Me: Mmmm, what kind?
Kwiddens: Chocolate chip with Dove dark chocolate chunks.
Me: Hell yes.
Kwiddens: Exactly.

 Me: Num!

 I'm a caramel corn freak.
Me: Freaking yum.
Kwiddens: Hells yes. I ate almost half of a gallon bag of the shit the other day. Shhh.
Me: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Kwiddens: I want to give people caramel corn but then I'm like "NO IT'S MINE!" New low (high?): I just ate caramel corn crumbs with a spoon.
Me: You need to grind up some Lorotab 10s into it next time...
Kwiddens: Hells yes.

 Some people wear poodle skirts. Nyah wears a noodle skirt.
Me: Messy bebby!

 Baby for sale!
Me: Mother of the year award!
Kwiddens: Oh sad :(
Me: You put your baby in a gun case. Silly!
Kwiddens: She climbed in! And it's not like she can get hurt in there.
Me: I know! I was teasing you!
Kwiddens: Ok :) I was like "Oh no! I'm a terrible mom!"
Me: Haha, no way. You're the best momma I know.
Kwiddens: Fanks.

Me: Too many syllables. Too much work!
Kwiddens: Haha!


Kwiddens said...

Sometimes I forget how awesome I am. And then you remind me! Thanks! Wow. That makes me sound like a total bitch.

Knight Rider said...

I now want noodles, cookies and camel corn... and another new gun.

kim said...

Noodle skirt. Ha! I'm sad to say that I've had a noddle shirt and pants on occasion.

Kwiddens said...

Now I want to make caramel corn. But I'm on effing crutches!