Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cookies, Crab Legs, Cupcakes, And Company!

Birthday Week began eight days before my birthday, because Kwiddens spoils me terribly!

First, she came over to my house and we started baking sugar cookies. She had made the dough ahead of time, so all we had to do was roll it out, bake it, and frost it. We baked them and let them cool while we went to dinner.

She took me to Red Lobster, where we ate delicious crab legs and laughed and complained about all sorts of things, because Kwiddens time is therapy time, even on birthdays.

After dinner we got back home and frosted the cookies with pink frosting, because pink is my favorite.

 At some point we got a bit silly.

She made me way more cookies than I could eat by myself! I had sugar cookies with every meal for the next several days. Don't tell the Diet Police!

The following weekend a few friends made me some cupcakes and decorated them themselves:

Everyone is so sweet to me!

I got a few birthday presents, including some nice soap and hand lotion from one friend, and some pretty sparkly fiber from another, and a lot of really beautiful fiber from my mother-in-law, who also got me a little tool to help me spin more consistently. I of course bought myself birthday fiber and yarn (from Scott), and will eventually put pictures of all of it up here in one of my spinning posts.

The present I'll be most excited for I don't have yet. Isaac is going to make me my very own custom spinning wheel! I am SO STOKED. It'll be a while, since he is going to make it from scratch, but when I get it I'll post about it and show you pretty, pretty pictures.

On my actual birthday, two Sundays ago, my family was swamped and it was just bad timing all around, so we waited until this past Sunday to get everyone together for dinner. We went to Iggy's and had a lovely time with each other, and then Birthday Week was over.

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kim said...

Oh my god. I want all of those cookies and cupcakes. NOW. In my belly. Well, maybe not in my belly yet. Just in my sight line.