Friday, September 30, 2011

WAY After The Fact, But...

In an effort to give myself a little jump start into posting more often, I've been going through old drafts for posts that I never got around to actually writing.

I found this one from back in October, before we put in the kitchen cabinets. A little bit later (ahem), I'm posting it anyway.

Part of what makes renovations so chaotic is having to move everything around and cover everything up to keep it from dying of exposure to dust and such. We went to thrift stores and bought a ton of ugly old sheets for this purpose:

At this point, I can't count the number of times our living room (or another room, for that matter) has looked like this.

After we had ordered the new cabinets, we prepped the kitchen so that we could put them in as soon as they were delivered. There was so much involved in this process: building the new wall, reconfiguring plumbing, repairing drywall, filling in the old for a few weeks this was our entire kitchen setup:

We ate out A LOT for those few weeks...

Here's just one example of bad plumbing that we had to fix:

Remember how our house was built by monkeys? Yeah. Who puts plumbing outside the wall? Monkeys, that's who.

And, at last, our sink became useless, so we had to do everything upstairs in the bathroom:


The end...only about 11 months late...

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Kim said...

We don't have enough old sheets to do stuff like this. And that sucks because in the process of this basement situation I think our couch has gotten ruined.